Vision & Mission

Tangent Vision

“Serve and strive through strain and stress, do your noblest, that’s success”.

To Clients “A Global reach with local touch” – we treat our clients as our valued partners, specialized in targeting the best talents, at THR connect you globally.

To Candidates:  “Talents are gifts that God gives to us…. what we make out of these talents are our gift back to God”. We treat each and every candidate as our heart of business who leads to success.

To aid large number of clients from various sectors, with its competent and committed team of professional consultants and advisors, to provide expert advice to our clients minimizing their workload, eliminating the headaches and risks involved in the process, resulting to achieve better results, by supporting their core targets.

The long term vision includes providing professional and trusted staffing and training consulting services that assist businesses and non profit organizations in operating sustainability and to increase a number of offices throughout India. The proprietor of Tangent sees the challenge in this vision, not in the growth itself, but in training and encouraging all Tangent personnel to treat each client and candidates with same care, respect and level of communication.

Tangent Mission

Brand that sources, “A class professionals Services” for clients to help maximize top and bottom line by being the change agent in delivering business growth. We at Tangent, “don’t build a business; we build people who build our business”. We grow together with clients, while support their targets and helping them to achieve new heights. Work is worship, “client, candidates, quality, integrity and professionalism being first priority of THR Connexions”, focus on providing the client with high standard customer service and professionalism in HR and Recruitment industry and assist the applicants in reaching and exceeding their career potential. Also try to earn maximum profit by keeping in view, commitment to social responsibility and environment work culture.