Our Policy

Do the right thing at the right time for all our clients, candidates and employees

Privacy Policy: Tangent held complete responsibility of protecting the privacy of candidates’ personal data collected during personal/telephonic interview or referral checks. Tangent is an executive search and recruiting firm which collects a variety of personal data necessary to provide such services in a proprietary and highly confidential database accessible only by Tangent. The personal data inclusive not limited to career, education, professional experience, reference, background checking etc.

Environmental Policy Statement: Our team is committed to delivering projects and services in a safe, efficient and environmentally friendly manner. This is part of our commitment to corporate social responsibility within our local communities in Kerala, beyond India, Nepal and the planet.

Health and Safety Statement: Our aim at Tangent is to lodge WHS best practices into the minds and actions of all Tangent employees and clients and to enable avenues for employees at all levels to develop and improve safety conscious knowledge and attitudes for positive and compelling change to safety.

Energy Management Policy: Tangent strives to use energy in the most efficient, cost-effective and environmentally responsible manner possible. Our efforts to reduce energy use will also support our commitment to our employees, the environment, and the communities in which we are a part. Objectives under this Policy are;

  • Maximize energy performance and reduce operating expenses by actively and responsibly managing energy consumption.
  • Demonstrate commitment to our community and leadership, by reducing environmental impacts associated with energy use.
  • This policy shall apply to all of Tangent business units and employees

Information Management Policy: The objectives of Tangent Information Security is to ensure that the business continuity of our company and to minimize the risk of damage by preventing security incidents and reducing their potential impact. The policy’s goal is to protect Tangent informational assets against all internal, external and deliberate or accidental threats.

The Security Policy ensures that:

  • Information will be protected against any unauthorized access;
  • Confidentiality of information will be assured;
  • Integrity of information will be maintained;
  • Availability of information for business processes will be maintained;
  • Legislative and regulatory requirements will be met;
  • Business continuity plans will be developed maintained and tested;
  • Information security training will be available for all employees;