What We Do!!

We confidently undertake and successfully execute small to large scale HR & Recruiting projects with the help of our highly experienced team of HR & Recruitment Consultants. We try to understand the culture and the type of employees or people the client wish to add on to the business. This allows us to ensure that we relay the correct information back to the candidates, and in turn, create a perfect match for both the parties.

CONSULTING MODEL: We assist our clients in effectively transforming business challenges into successful business results. Our approach is thoroughly researched and applied in all our consulting projects ensuring a robust project management and delivery of human resources solutions that are tailored to the needs of our clients and based on international best practices.

ANALYSE: We recognize that designing a great solution requires a thorough understanding of the current business and future direction of the organization. We develop this business understanding through a detailed HR and Organizational Analysis.

BENCHMARK: Benchmarking is the process of comparing the current state with the desired or ideal state. This phase includes extensive research on comparable organizations and systems, applicable laws and international best practices.

CREATE: We design bespoke solutions that address specific issues and improve the business performance. We give special emphasis to each solution by converting into simple, practical, relevant and easy to implement.

DELIVER: In delivering projects we follow a robust project management process that ensures the projects are delivered in time and to the satisfaction of the clients.

FEEDBACK: The feedback surveys give you the insights you need to make better decision. It will help you understand your customers’ likes, dislikes, and where you need to make improvements.

AFTER SERVICE: We will be in constant contact with both clients and candidates and must be aware of the need to deliver outstanding customer service to both group. A fast turnaround is advantageous for the client, who often needs the vacancy filled as soon as possible. Ensuring both clients and candidates receive a high level of customer service is integral to the success of most businesses.